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We have operated for 12 years throughout Australia and the United Kingdom, supplying many major collections and private individuals. Our access to objects range through Antiquity, Old Master Paintings, and contemporary works of art.


"Objects are what matter. Only they carry the evidence that throughout the centuries something really happened amongst human beings."

- Claude Levì-Strauss, Anthropologist

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The Fairs

SWIFTS Darling Point, Sydney

8 international & Australian dealers furnished Swifts House at the prestigious Darling Point for a 5 day exhibition.

LAPADA Berkeley Square, London

Showcasing the best dealers across antiques and the arts from across the United Kingdom. The fair sees 25,000+ visitor from across the globe.

OLYMPIA Kensington, London

Held in the heart of London, the fair showcases 160 of the world's leading specialist art and antiques dealers